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About Us

We're on a mission to make sure there is representation in the fields of science and technology at the decision making level. Around 40-50% of womxn leave the science and tech fields within the first 12 years compared to the 25% of men that leave. And the majority of that 50% leave within the first 5 years! Science and technology are a part of our daily lives without representation it impacts the way we live.  Our mission is to provide whatever is necessary to keep womxn in these industries and maintain proper representation. 

Who's Joining Us?

Why You Should Join WEnnovate Worldwide

This community is about providing support and change for womxn working in the science and technology spaces. 

You should join because 

- you want to connect with peers worldwide who can support your career 

- you want to support others in these fields

- you want mentorship

- you want to become a mentor

- you are looking to attend workshops and masterclasses with people in a similar situation as you

- you want support with your career

- you want to make a difference for women and marginalized groups in science and technology

A Big Thanks

Science and technology affect all of us in our daily lives. There is no escaping it. If we don't have diverse voices representing different people, that will impact how we are able to live our lives. I want to thank you for helping me to create a space when women stay in science and technology to become significant decision makers. Representation matters. 

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